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thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last night. It was informative, inspiring, and encouraging with good humour to reinforce your points. Your insights into the “church” human psyche and faith as the thin edge are spot on! I feel much braver about making the invitation… honestly to think that one would fear rejection seems ridiculous but the mind has a funny way of working!

-Church Leader Edmonton Canada

I’m fairly sure that for all the people in my group, the idea that inviting someone was a step of faith surrounded by risk, and that was a clear step on the way of the cross, was the one that meant most to them. In other words, the theological challenge was much more important than any practical elements.

-Church Leader Leicester

I have received a number of very positive comments. Your research re ‘Invitation’ has given us a fresh understanding that will enable us to meet ‘fear’ head on in a positive way. Understanding this in turn will open the floodgates I am certain to our obedience to the Spirit during these days.

-Salvation Army Major

thanks again for your inspiring training, I’m getting really positive feedback!

-Diocese of Leicester

Thank you once again for today I’ve had so many positive comments. The good thing is that it gives us a common vocabulary to use as we engage in mission through invitation as we travel forward into gods call

-Area Dean England

it was amazing, really helpful and left people challenged and still talking about it

-Director International Mission Agency